About us

Envirowise is a Canadian e-commerce platform that showcases consistent and circular products. We are dedicated to transform plastic packaging and plastic use in Canada with ecofriendly choices that are alternatives to plastic.

Unique products with superior benefits

Non-toxic, Renewable Resources

Made from completely natural substances, resulting in 100% environmentally friendly products.


Consumer products with end of life results in mind. All products can be discarded with no trace or impact on our ecosystem.

Include social, ethical, and environmental considerations

Carbon emissions associated with raw material sourcing, production and delivery of our ecoboard can be balanced (offset) through World Land Trust’s scheme.


All products are tested and certified to provide extremely high quality to our consumers.

Our Products

Our environmental solutions are based on our ability to procure the highest performance technology available. We strive to deliver high-quality, environmentally friendly technologies to our customers. We are looking for permanent innovation and satisfaction in our clients, by responding to their requirements and needs.


Dog Waste Bag



Our Products