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We assist revenue generating entities by providing profitable environmentally friendly alternatives.

Envirowise is a warm and authentic B2B platform that empowers individuals and businesses to make sustainable choices for an enhanced business model and a greener future.

As a trusted curator of high-quality Eco-friendly products, we inspire positive change and support sustainable living. Our nurturing approach,coupled with expert guidance, ensures a seamless and exceptional customer experience. With a strong commitment to staying at the forefront of sustainability, Envirowise is your reliable partner in creating a cleaner and healthier planet. Join our global community and be part of the movement towards a more eco Eco-conscious world.

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EnviroWise Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Bags

Our EnviroWise dog waste bags offer a sustainable solution for pet owners. Made from biodegradable materials, these eco-friendly bags ensure a cleaner environment while providing convenience during walks with your furry friend.

Say ‘Pasta La Vista’ to soggy paper straws!!

Lets Make Small Changes for Big Effects! 100% Biodegradable straws with no compromises on drinking experience.


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Benefit from the unparalleled expertise of specialists and professionals who curate exclusive products, guaranteeing they meet rigorous environmental standards while eliminating any risk of greenwashing.

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Our extensive global network spans 7 diverse countries, offering you seamless communication options in 14 different languages to expand your reach and connect with partners worldwide.

Tailored Eco-Solutions

Access a premium selection of unique and eco-friendly products crafted to cater specifically to your business, effortlessly aligning with your unique sustainability goals and enhancing your brand’s commitment to environ- mental responsibility.

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